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Family Photo of Rick NgHi, my name is Rick Ng. I am from Penang, Malaysia. I am the owner of this website.

I would like to take some time to explain why I come up with this website here.

In this website, I will share information and knowledge on tire safety, tire maintenance, tire care and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS in short),  for all sort of vehicles that you can think of.

Why do I want to talk about these topics? The reason is simple. It’s very very very important and most of us are totally not aware of how important it is.

One year ago, through my friend’s introduction, I got the chance to meet and know FOBO’s founder, James Lim. He is a very humble and passionate CEO. He and his team are the ones invented FOBO Tire TPMS system.

Before meeting James, I know nothing about tire pressure monitoring system. After talking to James a while, I started to understand the importance of a TPMS system to a driver. The sad thing is a lot of people still don’t know about this.

A lot of people either neglect or ignorance about the importance of car’s tire pressure. They think that they don’t need a TPMS system to inform them on under-inflated tires. They think can judge just by eyeball check that whether the tire pressure is low, why waste the money? But the fact is, it’s never easy to check it this way, not even the experience drivers.

From our daily news, there’s a lot of car accidents happened almost every single day. Do you know that a lot of them are due to car’s low tire pressure? With under-inflated tires, your car is not easy to handle like usual, and the time needed to stop your car totally becomes longer.

One scenario, you drive with your usual speed one day. Your car tires are all under-inflated, and you are not aware of it. Then something happens and you need to stop your car immediately. You will find that you can’t stop your car in the time that you previously did. You might even bang the car in front of you if you drive fast. Why? It’s all because your car’s tire pressure is low. It needs longer to stop.

Another scenario, let say you are driving on a highway. One of your car tires is punctured (due to pin) and is leaking air slowly. What will happen next? Your punctured tire’s pressure will go down slowly. Due to your tire is flatter and the contact surface area to ground increase, the friction increase. Tire’s temperature increase follow suit. It will increase to an extent that a tire blowout will happen. You will be lucky if you can stop your car calmly. But for some people, due to this situation, he/she will lose control and result in a car accident.

These two scenarios happened almost every day, and a lot of them thought that’s due to their driving skills. But, absolutely not.

A TPMS system will help you tremendously to avoid these situations altogether. Basically, in short, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system that helps you monitor your tire pressure and alert you when your tire pressure is abnormal.

So, in short, my purpose for this website is to educate people on the importance of TPMS system. A lot of us thought that only expensive cars and luxury cars need a TPMS system. WRONG! As long as you drive a car, regardless of the price of your car, you need one. Also, I will also give reviews on some of the TPMS products on the market that are good and popular.

Safe driving,

Rick Ng, Your TPMS Guide

Founder of BestTirePressureMonitoringSystem.com


*** Please click here to learn more about what a TPMS is.


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