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4 Great Car Technology Advancements in Auto Industry

A lot of the latest car technology advancements in the auto industry in the past decades are in the safety realm, and some are made just for pure user convenience. Usually, these brand new features offered by manufacturers come only on high-end vehicles. However as time passes, demands grow and awareness rises, these improvements trickle down to cheaper cars. Innovative equipment, such as automatic wipers, airbags, electric ignition, power steering and cruise control are all car technologies taken for granted, but when they were invented they amazed the public.

When General Motors released the first automatic transmission ever in 1940, this feature was more of a curiosity, rather than a regular, must-have feature. Nowadays, there are many different automatic transmissions that can have driver shift options, computerized shifting and many shifting modes like “snow,” “sport” and other. At one point, something is considered to be a masterpiece, and after a while, it becomes a common thing everyone has. Here are some brand new car technologies that could go mainstream in just a few years from now.

Rear Mounted Radar

Rear Mounted Radar - One of the car technology advancements

Backing out or parking in a busy parking space can be a difficult adventure. Even though rear mounted radars have already been around for a couple of years, informing drivers of objects which aren’t visible to them – walls, fences, trees or other vehicles – just recently, a new type of radar technology that looks for incoming traffic has been invented. When you are backing from a parking spot, the device sounds an alarm if it detects any incoming vehicles. Ford and Chrysler are the first companies that started to implement this technology into their vehicles.

GPS Tracking

Diagram showing how the GPS Tracking works

If you want to be sure that your vehicle is safe at all times, you can buy a brand new Live Trac PT-10, a Live View GPS. The retail price is around $550, and the monthly subscription is $40. This is a GPS tracking system with the main purpose of updating the position of a certain vehicle every 10 seconds. In order to monitor the position of your car in real-time, you only need to have internet access. The device is very compact and portable, and it can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. It also has the ability to alert its user of excessive speeds.

Parental Control

This is a great innovation for parents who worry a lot when their kid is driving their car. The brand new Ford’s MyKey system can ensure that your teen is not distracted while driving, and it can limit the vehicle’s speed and speaker volume. MyKey can be programmed to limit the vehicle’s speed to a maximum of 80 miles per hour. Another option limits audio volume to a certain level and turns on an alarm if the seat belts are unfastened while the car is running. All brand new Ford models have this system and it’s expected that other car developers will implement similar systems in their models.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

FOBO Tire-Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 TPMS

Some people might not agree with this. But what I am referring to here is the TPMS that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and associated it with our smartphoneFOBO’s TPMS is a brand new invention that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and sensors to offer real-time tire air pressure monitoring. Besides pressure monitoring, this system also provides real-time tire temperature data. Rather than using a pressure gauge, you can easily check your tire pressure on your smartphone. It is very easy and convenient to perform these checks and it will take only a minute to do so.

This system is especially good for people who have vehicles with low profile tires, which are usually hard to check. Very few companies have some similar systems, but they still aren’t commonly used and people see them as a luxury. The FOBO Tire tire pressure monitoring system is definitively going to raise interest in these kinds of systems in the future.

These car technology advancements have a good chance of becoming common accessories in the near future. When we look at tech growth in the last couple of years, it is very likely that those new achievements will be implemented in the car industry on a much larger scale.


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