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4 Useful Tips When Purchasing New Car Tires

Tires are some of the most important safety features on every vehicle. After all, they are the only parts that have direct physical contact with the road. Every move you make with your steering wheel, gas pedal or brake, it all goes to the contact patches on your car tires. And, if your car tires are worn, deflated or just not suitable for the season, you will put both yourself and your car at risk.

We have prepared some useful tips you need to have in mind when you are buying new tires. So, if you want to save some money, enhance your fuel economy and get the best quality tires out there, then this article is written exactly for you.

Know the Basics of Car Tires

In simple words, a tire is a container that is flexible and filled with compressed air. It supports the load of a vehicle, enables it to move forward, backward, side-to-side, it cushions the vehicle’s load from any road imperfections and it enables the vehicle to stop. Modern tires are made from over 20 different components, and are built from the inside out.

Every tire has a heart, and that is its inner liner, which holds the air and gives the tire its shape. Around the inner liner of the tire, there are fabric belts that hold the tire to the wheel, and on the top of those belts, you’ll find steel belts. They give the tire stability and flatness, so that it makes better contact with the road.

Choose the Right Tire For Your Vehicle

Winter Tire Tread Wear Pattern


The biggest mistake you can make is to choose the wrong size when purchasing new tires for your car. Every tire has a side print which tells you the type of the tire, its size, construction, diameter, and season. Here is an article that clearly tells you how to read the side print on your car tires. You can read it here.

When choosing tires for your car, keep the load rating in mind. If you are buying tires for the winter, choose a winter tire, which has deeper threads, and for the summer, a touring tire that can handle a lot of heat.

Know the Tire Tech

Since tires have evolved a lot since they were invented, we have to first return to the past. The first tires were rings of rubber wrapped around the wheels. Today’s tires contain air and are more complexly built than those first basic rubber rings.

Nowadays, tires can be equipped with all kinds of technology; for instance with, TPMS devices, like the FOBO Tire system. This system monitors your tire pressure and it works with your smartphone wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection, regardless if it is an Android or iOS phone. You just simply screw it onto your tire valves and you can monitor your tire air pressure from anywhere.

Fuel Economy

Tire with Rotation instruction


I believe that this is one of the major factors for every tire buyer. If you want to buy a tire that is built for fuel economy the best choice would be to get the stock tires for your particular car model. Also, always take care of your air pressure. If you monitor it regularly with TPMS devices like the FOBO Tire, and always inflate your tires according to your owner’s manual, you will ensure maximum fuel economy.

These are what we believe to be very useful tips that will help you purchase the best new tires for your car. Read them carefully and buy quality tires that are going to keep you safe and perform well on the road. After you have chosen the tires you want to buy and installed them on your car, you will need to maintain them properly if you want to always be sure that they will perform at their best.

You can rotate your car tires if you want to prevent them from uneven wear, because if they wear out unevenly, they will make too much noise and impact your fuel economy in a bad way. So, treat your tires well and do not neglect them, because they won’t last long if you do.



  • I’m a new car owner and was told by a friend that I need to get new tires. I have no idea what to look for in new tires and need some help understanding what makes up a good tire. This helped me a ton and I feel better about finding and choosing tires for my car.

  • It’s helpful to know that every tire has a side print which will tell you the type of tire that you’ll need to get for your vehicle. As you say, not buying the right tire is the biggest mistake that you can make, so paying attention to this and making sure you reference this information before making the purchase will help you to not make this mistake! It’s a simple and easy thing to do, so I’ll make sure I take a look of my tire’s type for my own vehicle. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, I had no idea that tire technology had advanced so much over the past couple of years; it blows me away that your phone can now update you about your tire pressure being too low. I imagine that these kinds of advancements have prevented all kinds of accidents on the road since people don’t have to guess about their tire pressure anymore. At the very least, it can tell them when they need to get the tires refilled or replaced altogether.

    • Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by my site. 🙂
      Yes, the technology advancements have made our life easier and safer. Now your smartphone APP will tell you when you are unsafe to drive and tell you to change a tire when needed.

  • Thank you for the help. I am going to need to buy some new tires for my car soon. I had not thought about tires affecting the fuel efficiency of the car. What features make a tire better for fuel efficiency?

    • Hi Justin, I am glad you asked. 🙂
      From tires perspective, to increase fuel efficiency, you need to decrease the rolling resistance of your tires. Higher rolling resistance means you need more fuel to push your car. So there are a few things that can affect rolling resistance. These are tire pressure, tire traction, and tire age. Please note that lower than recommended tire pressure will result in higher fuel consumption. So, always make sure you have TPMS to take care of this. Deeper tire tread will increase rolling resistance too, so maybe chose a slightly shallow tread tires, but no too shallow because you will compromise safety. So, there’s a trade-off in this. Lastly, never too overloaded your car when driving. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any clarifications from me. 🙂

  • This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to get winter tires with deeper treads. My husband and I just moved into a new area, and it sounds like the winters get pretty severe here. We haven’t done much snow driving before, so we’ll definitely make sure to get good tires with deep treads so we can drive safely. Thanks for the great post!

  • I really like the idea to know your tire tech. This goes to say, you’re doing your research, finding a auto shop that you like, and your being a loyal customer to them so that you can develop that relationship. When you do, though, you have access to ask all the questions you want and need, and you have help at the tip of your fingers when you have tire problems. This definitely would always benefit you and your networking!

  • I’m not very knowledgeable when it come to cars and tires. So I appreciate your tip about learning the basics of car tires. I think learning more about my car will help me find the right tire for my car and one that will last longer. Thanks for sharing this information!

  • Thanks for sharing some tips for buying new car tires. Mine are getting thin, and I think it is time to replace them. You make a good point about how it is important to make sure they are the right size for your vehicle. Hopefully, I can find a good store where I can find the right tires.

  • I like what this article mentions about fuel economy and how it’s one of the most important things to car drivers nowadays. It makes sense that it could be good to buy tires designed for the best fuel economy, as it would mean they’re cheaper in the long run. It’s something to remember when looking at my options as I want tires that could benefit my commute to work every day.

  • Considering how dangerous it can be to drive with the wrong sized tires, it really is important to choose the tires that best fit your make and model of car. I think that is why I prefer having professionals pick the tires when I need to replace them. I’d much rather trust someone who has been working with tires for years than just hoping I read the description on the side of the tire correctly.

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