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Everything You Should Know About Tires

Maintaining a vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely can be challenging. Whether you are riding a bike, a trike or a car, regular visits to the mechanic should be done in order to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. Even though many people regularly service their vehicles, the majority skip checking a really important part that all types of vehicles have – the tires.

People do know how important they are, yet they somehow forget to check the state of their tires regularly and this can potentially lead to terrible accidents. Therefore, it is important to learn more about proper tire maintenance.

Wear and Tear

Use Penny To Check Tire Tread Depth


Checking the state of the tires is a pretty easy task, but before we get into that, it is incredibly important that you use the right tires for each season. To reduce wear and tear, you should own two sets of tires – a winter and a summer set. By regularly changing them, you are going to make them last longer and you will be much safer on the road.

Measuring the level of wear and tear is pretty easy. You can use some simple techniques for measuring the tire tread depth. The first way to do this is to insert a penny, so Lincoln’s head is turned upside down. If you can clearly see the head, it is a good indicator that you should change the tires as soon as possible, as it is no longer safe to use them.

Another method is to simply check the tread markers which are placed inside the tire treads. When these markers level out with the threads you should change your tires. Taking care of this will make your vehicle stable and safe for the road.

The Importance of Tire Air Pressure



The tire’s air pressure is very important for several different reasons. First of all, properly inflating the tires greatly increases their lifespan, because they usually blow out when underinflated. Another very important reason for proper inflation is fuel economy, as underinflated tires increase fuel expenditure. Many people are overwhelmed with everyday activities and this makes them forget about important little details like this.

Luckily, with numerous newly developed technologies, monitoring air pressure in your tires is easier than ever. You need to get a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS in short). For example, the FOBO Tire is a great way of always knowing the exact pressure in the tires without going through any trouble at all. The FOBO Tire system functions in a unique way – the sensors responsible for monitoring are placed on the tire valves. Using a miniature chip, the sensor then sends data about air pressure to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Whenever the air pressure lowers, the application on your phone notifies you which tire should be re-inflated to achieve the recommended air pressure level. Maintaining the appropriate air pressure level will greatly prolong the lifespan of your tires.

Driving Style and Tires

Tire wear and tear is directly related to your driving style. If you want to prolong your tires’ lifespan, it is very important to keep your foot off the pedal. One of the common mistakes people make is trying to drive like a rally driver. If you start turning at higher speeds, you put far more pressure on tires than necessary. Additionally, you put your life at risk, as most stock vehicles are not optimized for this driving style.

Another element of driving that greatly affects the wear and tear of tires is rapid acceleration and deceleration. The faster you accelerate, the more pressure you put on your tires. A similar thing occurs when you decelerate quickly from higher speeds. The point is that you should smooth out your driving style, not only because your tires will last longer, but because you will be a much more responsible driver on the road.

The information in this article will hopefully give you some insight into how you should drive and what steps you should take in order to maximize your tires’ lifespan. The most important things are tire air pressure and your own driving style. You can easily check the pressure nowadays, with the application of the FOBO Tire (You can check my detailed review on FOBO Tire by clicking here). When it comes down to your driving style, simply lower your speed and try to drive more smoothly. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention that it may also save your life.



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