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10 Things You Should Know before Getting a New Bike

Biking or cycling is beneficial for more than just a few reasons, both for you and for the environment as well. More and more world metropolises are investing huge amounts of resources and time into transitioning to bike-friendly places, as this method of transportation is one hundred percent green.

Other than that, picking up cycling as a hobby isn’t only interesting but also amazingly healthy for your body. While cycling, your whole body is activated without the kind of joint pressure that occurs while running, for example.

However, getting a bike isn’t simple as walking into a store and pointing your finger to a model in your favorite color.

In order to get a comfortable bike you like and that will last for years, it’s quite important to do your homework. This is a sort of investment into the quality of your life, and it should be handled with care.

Get a Bike If You’ll Actually Ride It

Let’s solve this problem for starters. We all have a number of friends who decided to get a bike, enjoyed it for a month or so and then completely forgot about it. If this is nothing more than a fleeting interest for you, perhaps you should revise your decision.

Getting a bike that will be left to rust in your basement is just a waste of your time and money, nothing more. Besides, chances are you won’t be able to return all funds invested and that you won’t be able to find a buyer right away, so you’ll have to deal with that new problem for a while.

Therefore, you should get a bicycle only if you’re certain you’ll use it. My suggestion is to join a group or find a cycling buddy because that way you’ll have proper motivation and the right company for your new hobby.

Besides, the enthusiasm of cycling groups will keep you excited – they constantly organize different events and go on tours, which is something I bet you’ll like.

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Bike Budget

It’s quite important to understand that cycling requires more than a bike, so when you’re putting together a budget, make sure to add a third of your overall budget on top and have enough for all accessories you’ll need to fully enjoy all of your future rides.

Frame Material

Your selection of frame material affects both your ride and the budget necessary for you to purchase your bike. There are four different materials you should get familiar with and they all come with advantages and disadvantages, which you should harmonize with your cycling needs.

  • Titanium

If money isn’t your concern, my sincere suggestion is to go with titanium. This material is quite durable, so your new bike will stay new for a long line of years, it’s very comfortable so you won’t feel any disturbances during your rides, no matter if they are short or long, and its weight is equivalent to that of aluminum, so you’ll be able to transfer it without much effort. So, if you don’t have a problem with paying about eight thousand dollars for a bike, go with titanium.

  • Steel

Steel is known to be quite durable and you won’t have to worry about replacing your bike anytime soon. You should also know that comfort is guaranteed with this material, but the thing you should worry about is its weight – although relatively inexpensive, steel frames will be difficult to transport. Also, be aware of the fact that still is prone to rust, so include the weather factor into your decision.

  • Aluminum

This material was quite popular for race models, especially because of its lower weight and other characteristics like pricing. Manufacturers also liked it until carbon became an option – being a more expensive material, price tags are also higher when it comes to carbon frames, which means more profit. The only difficulty with aluminum now is finding it.

  • Carbon fiber

The great thing about carbon fiber is its ability to mold into practically any shape required, so aerodynamics are a great feature of this material. It’s pretty light, so it’s a great choice for racers, and it’s quite comfy as well. As we mentioned, the price can be an issue but it’s a good investment because of this material durability.

Decide on a Type

Now when you’re aware of the frame material used, you should subject your final decision to your cycling needs. If your needs are basic and you don’t plan on riding a bike anywhere else other than pavement, you should get a road bike.

On the other hand, if you’d like to spend more time in nature and that was your primary purpose of getting a bike, you should go with a mountain bike – they come with shock absorbers and your ride will be not only exciting but comfortable as well. If you’d combine characteristics of the first two types, you’d get a hybrid which you can use both on pavement and dirt.

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Selection of Wheels

The quality of your ride depends on your choice of wheels. In most cases, wheel manufacturers are partners with frame manufacturers, so your vendor will probably suggest the right combination.

Once again, it all comes down to what you want in a bike. For example, if you plan on having a lot of trips to nature, you’ll require a light set of wheels that won’t affect your speed and ability to concur more difficult routes.

Do Test Drives

If this is your first adult bike, you should take enough time to conduct some serious testing – a bike isn’t something you should replace often. Therefore, after you make a top list of bikes you like, you should test drive them for at least twenty minutes each – that’s the only way to be confident with your decision and also to be able to notice the difference between models. If you do introduce a change or two and replace a seat to any of them, you should test that model again.

Find an Attentive Helper

There’s only so much you can learn about cycling and various models in theory – having an attentive assistant with this purchase will make the whole process a lot easier. Although most vendors in bike shops work on a commission, I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one that’s selfless and ready to take care of your needs. Don’t hesitate from switching shops or vendors if you don’t feel good around them – it’s your money and you should be provided with good service.

Additional Gear

As a newbie in cycling, protective gear such as a helmet may seem dorky to you, but safety isn’t a joke. It doesn’t really matter which setting you’d choose – city or nature – you may get hurt and protective gear can save you from a lot of pain, so make sure to get it along with your bike.

You should also be aware of the fact that the way you take care of your bike will directly affect its lifespan, so other than keeping it protected from weather and cleaning it properly you should learn how to adjust your tire pressure and take proper care of them because that will lower maintenance costs significantly.

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Sleep on Your Decision

It’s imperative that you don’t feel pressured to purchase anything. Once again, if your vendor is hasty and they insist on speeding up the process, switch them. The bottom line is that you and you alone will have to ride that bike you select, so make sure to take enough time to be absolutely confident with your choice and the final billing.

Appropriate Clothing

You probably had a chance to see professional biking clothes – other than being comfortable, it’s aerodynamic and it’s made out of materials that are durable and that allow your skin to breathe.

It’s not at all necessary to the whole outfit right away, but make sure to be in clothes that don’t stand in your way and that don’t cause any discomfort whatsoever.

An important factor that will affect the quality of your ride is your selection of sneakers, so get a quality pair that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Cycling is the future of transportation and exercise – more and more people are picking up this extraordinarily beneficial hobby each day. Getting a bike is a great idea and it will affect the quality of your life positively – there’s no doubt about that.

However, it will involve an appropriate fund, which is why your homework needs to be thorough. Anyway, you should look forward to this life change because you’ll fall in love with cycling before you know it.

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