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4 Important Tips and Tricks on How to Maintain Your Car Tires

Your car tires are some of the most important parts of your car. If your tires are in poor condition, you can find yourself stranded somewhere on the road or, worst case scenario, have a blowout and possibly be in a life-threatening accident.

You see why is it important to make sure that your tires are always in good condition and well-maintained. This way, your tires will last longer, and many experts say that you can get even 50 percent more life out of your tires by only maintaining them the right way. These are the best tricks that will help you take good care of your car tires and they’ll save you a lot of money in the process.

Pick the Right Contact Patch

This is the part of the tire that is in direct contact with the road, so your comfort, fuel economy and safety depends on this area. Choosing the right contact patch for your car will get you the best performance. If you think about it, this really is the only point of contact between the road and your car, and it carries the whole mass of your car. That can sometimes be up to 50 times more than its own weight. Your car will also respond better when steering, braking and accelerating, and it will be easy to overcome every possible obstacle on the road.

Watch the Tire Pressure


Screenshot of FOBO Tire App

Tire pressure is something that needs to be checked regularly. If your tires are inflated just right, you will reduce the risk of losing control. It also protects your tire from wear and damage to its internal construction. There are several reasons why tires can drop their air pressure – it can be from small perforations, a decrease in temperature. The air just naturally escape through some of the tire’s components sometimes.

If you want to be able to constantly monitor your tire pressure, then the FOBO Tire system is the right thing for you. FOBO Tire is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system that can work on your smartphone using Bluetooth, and it also has one in-car unit. This system monitors your car tires, and if something goes wrong, it alerts you straight away, thus completely reducing the risk of something bad happening both to you and your car.

Keep Your Car Tires Always Balanced

If your tires are properly balanced, you can prevent unnecessary damages and eliminate vibrations. Balancing also protects suspension, bearings and the steering of your car. Every time you change a tire, you need to balance that wheel.

You will notice if the wheel is out of balance because one area will be lighter or heavier than the other. Unbalanced wheels can cause stress on front-end parts, uneven wear, premature wear of the front-end parts and, like we said above, vibration.

Your Wheels Have To Be Correctly Aligned


Car Tires Alignment

This is not something you can easily notice while you are driving, but if your wheels and axles aren’t correctly aligned, your handling will be altered and that will compromise your safety. If, by any chance, you hit a pothole or a curb, or notice any unusual wear on your tires, you must visit a tire specialist to get them inspected. Having the correct alignment gets you the best handling on the road, it saves you fuel and protects your car tires from uneven wear.

Sometimes we forget that the tires are the first and, preferably, only thing that connects our car to the road. This should always be on our mind, and we need to do our best to preserve their quality and performance, both for of our own safety and the car’s mobility.

This is what all these tips and tricks are for – they should be considered more of a necessity than optional advice. So, study them well, and do not allow yourself to get a flat and end up standing on the side of the road for hours, when you could have just simply done a bit of maintenance beforehand.




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