4 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Even though we are all entangled in our busy everyday schedules, we tend to find some time for a wonderful long road trip. The only thing is that many people don’t take good care of their vehicles, and some of the long road trips take a turn for the worse due to people failing to do proper maintenance and check the state of their car before hitting the road. Minor faults of the car can lead to it stopping, so you should take care of several factors to make sure that it is completely ready for a long ride.

Take A Look Under The Hood (Check The Engine)

Check your car engine first before going for road trip

Since the engine is the heart of the car, it is the first thing that you should take a look at. If your check engine light is turned on, you should definitely take it to a mechanic and have it checked. Do not even think about going on a road trip with it turned on. If the light is off, you can perform a quick overall check of the most important components:

  1. The first thing is definitely the engine oil. Simply pull out the oil dipstick and you will know if you should change the oil. Keep in mind that you should have your car on a level spot while you are doing this;
  2. Depending on the type of car, it is important to change transmission oil levels. As new cars are equipped with automatic transmissions, which require even more oil, it is very important to check the oil level of the transmission, especially if you are planning to tow something;
  3. Engine coolant is also another important liquid that you should check, as it prevents the motor from overheating. It is easy to check the level of the coolant by simply looking at its containers;
  4. Check whether the battery is clear of any damage such as leaks, cracks or anything similar, and make sure to change it if there is.

Lights and Emergency Accessories

It is vital that you check whether all of your lights are functioning properly, especially the brake lights, which we sometimes forget to check. This is a must if you are going for a long road trip where you need to drive overnight. However, the majority of new vehicles have a light indicator on the dashboard. Even if all of your lights are working properly, a good thing to do is bring an extra set of headlights and brake lights. Do not forget to take the emergency kit with you, because you never know when you might actually need it.



picture of car brake pads

Many people often forget about brake pads, which should be checked regularly to avoid any awful scenarios that may occur when the brakes fail. Beside the obvious safety issues, worn out brake pads can cause a lot of damage to other parts of the wheel. This is a pretty easy task to do; you should just take the car to a mechanic, who will check the state of your brake pads and change them if necessary.

Tires (Tire Tread & Tire Pressure)


Picture of four car tires

When it comes to tires, there are two things you should definitely think about. The tire tread is the first thing that you should check, because if the tires are worn out, they will have lower grip strength and you might also experience a tire blowout in the middle of the ride. You for sure don’t want this happen to spoil your road trip, right?

Another important factor is the amount of air and the pressure in the tires. Luckily, with modern technologies like the FOBO Tire, checking these things is a breeze.

This product is simply put over the tire valves and it constantly measures the amount of pressure in your tires. The best thing is that FOBO Tire’s sensors are connected to your phone via bluetooth and are constantly sharing information about the air pressure in your tires. This is pretty handy, as you will be notified about any abrupt changes immediately.

These are the most important car parts that you should check before going on a long road trip. Checking if everything is functioning properly will not last longer than a day or two, but it will make you and your family much safer on the road.


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