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5 Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Quad Bike Up and Running

Maintaining your quad bike may sound like a hassle, but that’s not always the case. Spring is slowly approaching, so it is time to start thinking about getting your quad out of the garage and doing some inspection. Because you haven’t taken your quad out for a drive for months, take your time to get used to riding it. We have gathered some useful advice on how to perform certain safety measures, to check the condition and comfort of your beloved quad. Make sure that you follow them all so that it can be up and running at full speed, as the powerful machine it is.

Check the Battery

Like for any other vehicle, one of the most important parts to inspect on your quad bike is the battery. If you are used to riding it regularly, you shouldn’t have problems. But, if your quad is stored away throughout the winter, it is important to properly maintain your battery. To inspect it, remove it from your quad and clean the terminals with a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

If you do not do this regularly, battery terminals can corrode and get covered in oil and other pieces of dirt. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean, so that they can charge the battery and give the quad enough energy for all your crazy rides.

Secure Handlebar Grips

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No matter in what type of conditions you ride your quad, you should always secure your handlebars in order to stay safe, and this should be done before every ride. The grips may come loose after you’ve been using them for a while, regardless of how good the factory glue is. Purchase a specialized grip glue and always have it near your quad, so that you can apply it before you head out for a bumpy ride.

Check Your Quad Bike Tire Pressure

FOBO Bike - TPMS for your quad bike

Now that you have checked the handling, it’s time to deal with something that also has a great impact on how your quad performs – tire pressure. You can consider purchasing a tire gauge, made especially for quads and check the air pressure regularly, or you can get something that will always monitor the pressure in your tires.

This is where the FOBO Bike system can come in handy. This is an advanced wireless tire pressure monitoring system that utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology and works with your smartphone. FOBO Bike monitors your tire pressure of your quad bike constantly and it sends you an alert if there are any abnormal pressure or temperature on your quad tires. Just like the company’s the other product, FOBO Tire did for cars. Keeping your tires inflated to a recommended pressure will give you a smoother ride and your tires will also last longer.

Check the Fluid Levels

Checking the fluid levels is pretty easy. You just need to untwist the caps and check the coolant, oil, and differential fluid levels. Even if your quad is new, you cannot know the levels of your fluid reserves until you check them. If you keep your fluids at the right level, you will prevent any damage happening to your quad and you’ll save both money and patience.

So, make sure to check your fluids every month or before taking your quad out, if a few months have passed from the last time you rode it. Don’t forget that your quad needs to have an oil change at some point. You can do some research on your specific model and find out how you can do it on your own.

Tune to Your Comfortable Riding Position

Rider Driving Quad Bike

Every quad driver has different preferences when riding their quad, so make sure everything is set up just the way you like it before you take out your quad for a ride. If it’s brand new, then the riding position will surely be different than what you are used to. So, check the handlebars, the clutch and brake levers, and everything else on the quad, and adjust them to fit your needs. This is not a one size fits all type of product, making this an important aspect of quad maintenance that will keep you safe.

After you have double-checked everything and done some of these basic maintenance tasks from our list, your quad will be safer, and you will be more confident because you will know that your machine is at its best. Do not wait anymore; take your quad out of the garage, start giving it its old shine back and get it ready for some spring driving.


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