FOBO Tire Review – The Smartest Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless TPMS in The World

My wife used to ask me when did she need to inflate her car’s tires. She told me that her car tires looked a bit flat, and she’s not sure if it’s under-inflated.

I told her I didn’t know just by judging using my eyes. I told her that we need to go to the gas station or mechanic shop to check and pump it if necessary. Look at the photo below, can you tell?

picture that shows the difference between under-inflated tire and properly inflated hot tire


That’s the situation that happened once every few months before I bought and installed FOBO Tire to our cars. Thanks to FOBO Tire, she doesn’t have this kind of questions or doubts anymore.

The best part is, we feel very safe while driving now. We are not going to worry about tire leaking and tire blowout now.

I want you to feel the same too. 🙂 So, I am going to give an honest review of this TPMS product, FOBO Tire, the World’s First Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System. We own 2 sets of it, and thus I know the pros and cons of this product inside out.

What is FOBO Tire?

FOBO Tire is one of the most advanced wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in the World using latest Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) that connects directly to your smartphone.

FOBO Tire consists of four tire sensors and an In-Car monitoring unit. The four tire sensors are screwed onto your car tire valve stems, to help detect your tire pressures and temperature.

The tire pressure and temperature readings are then sent to the In-Car monitoring unit and your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology from these four sensors.

The In-Car monitoring unit can work on its own and also will communicate with your smartphone so that it will give you an alert (in the event of abnormal tire pressure and high tire temperature) in the absence of a smartphone. It can monitor up to 350 kPa(50 psi).

Due to that this system uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it can work around the clock 24/7 to ensure your tires are inflated properly, even your car is switched off. It doesn’t need your car’s electrical system to power up.

Below is the introduction video of FOBO Tire for their campaign on Indiegogo:


What is in the box?

Inside the box, there’s a device with 4 red LED lights on it, which they call it the In-Car monitoring unit. It’s AA battery powered. According to the designer of the company, it can last for about 2 years if you are driving 3 to 4 hours per day.

There are 4 round shape tire sensors in it. These are supposed to be screwed onto the tire valve stems. You can choose either black color or silver color.

Each tire sensor requires CR2032 batteries. It can last around one year depends on the daily usage of your car.

I also received six locking nuts and two locking wrenches.  These are for anti-theft purpose where people can’t simply unscrew the sensors from tire valves and steal from the owner.

In summary, below are items come with the package:

  • In-Car unit (with 2 AA size batteries included)
  • Four tire sensors (with CR2032 batteries included)
  • Six Anti-theft Hex lock nuts
  • Two small Hex Wrenches
  • A Quick Start Guide
  • Velcro stickers (optional, for you to mount your In-Car unit to your car’s dashboard)

Items in the FOBO Tire package box


Installation Process

The installation process is quick and simple. It’s totally DIY. The officials at FOBO say that it takes less than 5 minutes to install it without any professional help, and this is true.

My wife is kind of slow with new technologies and not much of a handyman, so it took her around 8 minutes to get the job done.

Rather than have me rattle on about it, here are the installation videos to install the whole system to your car and smartphone:

i.) For Apple phone user:

ii.) For Android phone user:

Next, I want to explain to you here the notations and symbols found on the APP screen.

Please look at the snapshot below:
FOBO Tire App Screenshot


If there’s abnormally in tire pressure or tire temperature, the smartphone will give you an alert right away, and at the same time, the In-Car unit will start beeping. So, all you need to do is to look at your APP to check the readings to understand the situation.

One good thing about this product is that you have total control of the situation. You know what happen when something wrong with your tires. You know what to do if the system alerted you. Sometimes it’s just to remind you that the tire is under-inflated, so all you need to do is to inflate your tire yourself.

You know what happen when something is wrong with your tires. You know what to do if the system alerted you.

Sometimes it’s just to remind you that the tire is under-inflated, so all you need to do is to inflate your tire yourself.

By doing this, you maintain your tires at the optimum pressure all the time which will help increasing the lifespan of your tires. This will save you money in the long run.

Unique Features of FOBO Tire

I.) FoboShare

There is one feature that worth mentioning because no other TPMS products in the market have this feature, ie, FoboShare.

Imagine this, you installed FOBO Tire on your car, and you installed the APP on your smartphone. So, what if your wife or your daughter want to drive your car? Does she need to take your smartphone along with her?

Absolutely NO!

All they need to do is to install the FOBO Tire APP on their smartphone, register an account using their personal emails, then all you need to do is to give them permission to access your account. They called this “FoboShare” your account to people you trust.

Please note that after you FoboShared your account to someone, that person can read the tire information of your car using their smartphone only. They can’t change all your pre-set settings, those important settings like recommended tire pressure, the unit of measurement, and etc.

Thus, when there is abnormally in your car tires while they are driving, they get smartphone alert too. All they need to do is to check the tire readings using their phones and react accordingly.

I will show you step by step on how to set this up here.

  • Step one, click on the setting icon that’s on the upper right corner, then select “FoboShare“.

Setting up FoboShare-Step 1


  • Step two, click the “+” sign to start adding account.

Setting up FoboShare-Step 2


  • Step three, enter an email account that you want to grant access, then click “OK“.

Setting up FoboShare-Step 3


  • Lastly, you can see your added account in there.

Setting up FoboShare-Step 4


That’s it! Very simple steps. After that, your wife’s or your daughter‘s FOBO Tire APP will have your car shown in the APP’s main screen. The other person’s main screen will have an icon attached to your car profile picture to show that it’s a FoboShared account. I will take my case as an example to illustrate this. Please see the picture below:

I will take my case as an example to illustrate this. Please see the picture below:

Compare FoboShare Car Icon

There you go, your wife or your daughter can drive your car and at the same time has FOBO Tire monitors the car tires for them while driving.

As you can see from the picture below, the tire readings (pressure and temperature) on my phone and my wife’s phone are exactly the same.


Compare master account vs FoboShare'd account

According to FOBO, you can share up to 100 persons. This is so powerful and convenient!

II.) Two-Level of Security to Safeguard Your External Sensors

Other than the Hex lock nuts and Hex wrenches to safeguard your external tire sensors, there is another level to avoid theft.

That is, once you’ve installed the FOBO Tire set to your car, and installed the FOBO Tire APP to your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about them getting stolen.

All the sensors and the in-car unit will be tied to your individual FOBO cloud account forever until you deactivate or release them. Or else, it can’t be used by anyone else in the world.

This is the only TPMS in the market that’s with this 2-level of security to avoid sensors from being stolen. The sensors just can be reused by anyone else without your permission.

This is closed to NO CHANCE that your sensors will get lost.

III.) Overlay Service

The Overlay Service function is very useful. Picture this, you drive around using a GPS software like Google Map or Waze from your phone. If you would like to monitor or check your tire pressure at the same time, what would you do?

You have to close the GPS APP first, launched the FOBO Tire APP, check the tire pressure and temperature readings. If everything normal, then you close it and reopen the GPS APP again. Don’t you find it very inconvenient? Hell YES!

That’s for the other TPMS products out there in the market but not FOBO Tire users!

FOBO Tire has an overlay service feature that you can turn on from FOBO Tire APP setting. With this setting, users can have an FOBO overlay icon on your mobile screen that will show you the real-time tire pressure and temperature readings without the need of launching the FOBO Tire APP.

All you need to do is to turn on this Overlay Service function, then you will see a small little rectangle box appear on your mobile screen. This is the FOBO Overlay icon that you can drag around on your mobile screen. It will always stay on top.

Below is how you set up the overlay service presented to you in a graphical way.

FOBO overlay setup-step 1


FOBO overlay setup-step 2


FOBO overlay setup-step 3


FOBO overlay setup-step 4


FOBO overlay setup-step 5

After that you can launch any of your GPS APP, the FOBO Overlay icon will remain there on top of your GPS APP. Click on the icon, then you will see it expands and opens up to display the tire readings for you. It will look like the picture below.

FOBO overlay service on GPS APP

Thus, you can drive using your GPS APP and at the same time monitoring your tire’s readings.

Verdict: It’s a very convenient tool

The FOBO tire system is a very functional tool that is simple to use and doesn’t take any time away from my busy schedule. I really find it hard to determine whether or not they need maintenance. Even if you use your hands it can sometimes be hard to tell, and this bothers me, especially since I trashed one set of tires in the past due to low air pressure.

The entire FOBO tire system is waterproof and, according to their engineers, it has solid durability. I’ve driven my car for a couple of days in pouring rain and it didn’t have any effect on the sensors.

Furthermore, their weight is around 10 grams, meaning that they won’t have any impact on the balance of your wheel or tire. Anytime you want, you can check the pressure if something doesn’t feel right, even while you’re on the road.

All in all, I think that this is a brilliant little tool that the people at FOBO have executed very well. It’s a small system that is very responsive and easy to install. It makes life a lot easier and, if you can, I suggest you get a set. You won’t regret it.


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